Symphony Of Service

Symphony Of Service

An antiquated building standing tall every turning season.
Quaint windows laced with its authenticity.
Each brick echoes the greatness of mahatma.
The air filled with his virtues.
The walls tell the story of its glory.
Seekers of health made it laudatory.
Calm deep within that knows wise beyond its years,
An ancient institution.

A ray of hope, yonder permeates your soul.
A healing hand that holds you down.
A mender, they stitch thy broken lifestyle.
A listener, having all ears to thy grief and pain.
A fighter, shoving all woes treating patient in rows
Not doctors but multitaskers,
Darting across to lift up the place that gave immense.
Boundless sacrifices, seamless hard work
Like a river you bend and adapt
Reclaiming smiles, packing full life,
Passing it to ones who seek for health.
Making you all "The Noble Doctors"

Before the dawn breaks,
We rise and walk, slipping into the sanity of yoga.
Warbling of birds with joyous delight
Giving you a grandeur welcome as they sing.
In the peace of the morning, silence of new beginning,
Every being striding towards the pink of health.
Flits across to find solace and cure.
You come here as patients but go back as a holistic individual.

It's not just an ashram,
A place brimming with positivity.
People spilling sweat and blood to service.
A space that winds down your stress.
A home that gives food as thy medicine.
Shut your mind and listen through your heart
Each and every tree, its dried leaves hold tales to tell.
Wondering how simplicity has so much value?
Simple yet majestic , it is Nisargopchar Ashram
Written By: Dr Venkatalakshmi

(Intern JSS College)

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