Steam Bath

Steam bath is specially designed wooden or fibre chamber. Patient sits inside the chamber and steam is circulated. Sweating initiated by steam bath helps in elimination of toxins from the body.It is effective in Osteo-arthritis / Rheumatoid arthritis, Backache, Respiratory diseases and Obesity. Patients suffering from high blood pressure, ischemic heart disease are advised not to take steam bath.

Precautions – Drink a glass of water, keep a cold wet towel on head , sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

Uses – Excellent for detoxification , skin diseases, Arthritis, Obesity , Diabetes etc.

Duration – 5 to 15 mins

Indications – Chronic & acute rheumatism, jaundice, asthma, obesity, chronic toxemia, sciatica, peripheral paralysis due to syphilis, hysteria, gouty arthritis, tertiary syphilis, neuralgia, acute alcoholic poisoning.

Contra indications – weak patients, fever, hypertension, dermatitis, nervous patients, in advanced heart &renal patients, extreme arteriosclerosis.

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