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  Nisargopchar Ashram ,
Uruli Kanchan
  It was pre-independence period, when Gandhiji accompanied Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to Pune for his treatment at Dr. Dinshaw Mehta's Nature cure center near Pune railway station. Gandhiji founded "Society of Servants of Gods" along with Dinshaw Mehta. While in Pune Gandhiji was deeply impressed by simple ways of Natural Cure. He thought cities like Pune have all medical facilities but villages do not have access to medical facility. He wrote an article in Harijan, "I made a mistake, I should have gone to the village to popularize simple ways of Nature Cure, therefore I want to shift."  

  Welcome to Nisargopchar Ashram

Nature Cure

There are different medical approaches for various diseases all over the world like conventional Modern Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga, Chinese system, Unani, Tibetan, Acupuncture & Acupressure. These medical systems are based on some philosophy and importance in prevention and management of health problems.

Modern medicine is mainly aimed at symptomatic treatment and removal of the causative organism or toxin by some medicine. Other traditional ancient systems correct the imbalance of different humors or energy principles in the human body. In fact all acute symptoms such as fever, body ache, hyperacidity, diarrhea is natures attempt to eliminate toxins & waste matter from the body. Suppression of the symptoms leads to manifestation and recurrence of the same symptom or disease which is the cause of chronic disease. All such acute or chronic diseases manifest because of our faulty way of eating, living habits and negative thinking. Repeated negative impact on the body lowers the body resistance or immunity which is known as "Vital Force ".

Main aim of the nature cure treatment is to educate the people and create awareness about health and hygeine. In Naturopathy we emphasis educate a person about the right way of living and managament of health problems by simple ways. People experience the effect of living in accordance with the laws of Nature. By following the laws of Nature,vitality improves which helps in elimination of toxins from the body.

Natural food such as Fruits, Vegetable in the form of Juices - Salad - Sprouts - boiled vegetables - Baked potatoes - Sweet potatoes are used as a medicine. All natural food stuffs are rich in natural water, vitamins, minerals and roughage. It helps in eliminating toxins through increased quantity of urine, proper bowel movements through regulation of breath & improved metabolism. Natural food corrects imbalance in metabolism blood sugar, blood urea, uric acid, cholesterol, lipids etc ; which is achieved without drugs.

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